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Published Records

Publications of the Genealogical Society of Rockland County
Funeral Home Records
The Records of the A. W. Dutcher's Sons funeral home, 1878-1965
929.3747 REC

The Records of the George M. Holt funeral home, including Purdy and McKenzie 1864-1953
929.3747 REC

The Records of the Stevenson Funeral Home, including Zimmerman, Stevenson & Queally, Flender, & Flender-Price Funeral Homes 1875-1982
929.3747 REC

The Records of the J. Martine & Son Funeral Home 1872-1920
929.3747 REC

The records of the Wyman Mock Funeral Home 1919-1942
929.3747 REC

New York State Census Records
1855 (partial census)

1892 New York State census, Rockland County – each town is listed separately in a blue binder
317.3 GEN

Other Published Records of Note
Marriage and Death in Rockland County, N.Y. July 1847 through December 1859
929.3 PET

Burials at Brick Church Cemetery, Rockland County, New York 1774-1994
929.3747 BUR

Population of Nyack, 1893 (census was taken in connection with the installation of sewers in Nyack)
929.3 POP

So That All May Be Remembered, Clarkstown Rockland County [Cemetery Records]
compiled by Peter Krell
929.5 KRE
*see also the newly released edition by the Genealogical Society mentioned below. Members of the society felt that Krell rushed his work for the Centennial and that their new edition is more accurate.

-Burial Records in Town of Clarkstown
Coming Soon!

City Directories

Directory of the West Shore Railroad From Weehawken to Kingston, 1891
containing a general directory of the citizens of Nyack and Haverstraw
317.4728 THO

Breed Publishing Co.'s Third Directory of the Northern Railroad of New Jersey, from Nyack to Jersey City for the Year, 1894*
Nyack directory
317.4728 DIR

Allen's Hackensack & Englewood & Bergen County Directory, Nyack, NY Directory, 1897
317.4728 DIR
(Located in Box, in poor condition)

Breed's Directory of the Nyacks and Piermont, 1902-03; 1904-05; 1906-07*; 1909-10 (2 copies)
317.4728 DIR (Located in Box, all in varying degrees of poor condition)

Richmond's Directory of Nyack, Upper Nyack, South Nyack, Central Nyack, Grand View, Piermont, and Spark Hill, 1914-1915 (2 copies); 1916-1917;
317.4728 DIR
(Located in Box, all in varying degrees of poor condition)
*1902-03 of Breed's is in box with Richmond's

Richmond's Directory of Nyack, Upper Nyack, South Nyack, Central Nyack, Grand View, Piermont, and Spark Hill, 1924-25; 1928-29;
317.4728 RIC

Polk's Nyack (New York) Directory including Central Nyack, Grand View, Piermont, South Nyack, Sparkill, and Upper Nyack, 1931-32 (3 copies)
317.4728 POL

*these city directories have a photocopy in a binder on the card catalogs - use this copy for research

Vertical File Folders

The Vertical File Folders at the Nyack Library were originally the files of Journal-News reporter Virginia Parkhurst. Of particular interest to genealogists are the following files:
-Nyack - Families
-Nyack – Obituaries
-Nyack – Personalities
to see a full listing of folders by heading, click here:
Vertical Files Full Index

Obituaries at the Nyack Library

We have an obituary index in our card catalog organized alphabetically by name. Sometimes we have photocopied and attached the entire obituary onto the card, but in other cases we have referred to the Obituaries vertical file folder or a date and/or newspaper.

Journal News, Obituaries - Volume 1, June 1960 - December 1964; Volume 2, January 1965 - February 1970 (2 spiral volumes)
929.3747 BUR
This volume was indexed by the hard work of Jack Cullen and Dorothy Burch.

This is a complete listing of local newspapers on microfilm at the Nyack Library:
City and Country, various issues from 1860-1921
Independent Advertiser, 1884-1887
Nyack Evening Journal, 1889-1928
Nyack Evening Star, 1892-1903; 1905-1917
Journal News, 1932-current
Rockland Advertiser, 1879-1880 / Rockland Advertiser-Chronicle, 1880
Rockland County Journal, 1850-1887; 1893-1915

High School Yearbooks

The Nyack Library's local history room has a fine collection of the Nyack High School's yearbook, "The Tower." In the early years the annuals were produiced under various names such as "The Owl" and the "Blue and Gold." Since 1931 it has been known as "The Tower." We have books as early as 1911, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1929, and 1930. It was in 1931 that the yearbook became known as "The Tower." Our collection has a few gaps (1982, 1988, 1989, and 1992), but otherwise it is complete from 1929-2006.

Family Genealogies

Families in Nyack Before 1900, 3 volumes in spiral binders
compiled by Carl Nordstrom
929.2 NOR

The Alison and Waldron Families of Rockland County by William J. Klein
929.1 KLE

The Warner Family and the Warner Books by Mabel Baker
929.2 BAK

The Blauvelts: an American Journey VHS
929.2 BLA

Isaac Kool (Cool or Cole) and Catharine Serven, Married Oct. 15, 1764, at Tappan, Rockland (then part of Orange) Co., N.Y.: Their Descendants Complete to May 1, 1876. Also Their American Ancestors From the Settlement of New York City complied for the family by Rev. David Cole, D.D., (Pastor of the Reformed Church of Yonkers, N.Y.) One of their Great-Grandchildren
929.2 COL

Talman/Tallman Families: Descendants of Douwe Harmense Talman of Freseland, Holland, who came to America in 1658 And Descendants of Peter Tallman, of Hamburgh Germany, who came to America in 1649 And Several “UNKNOWN” family members
by Herbert S. Ackerman
929.2 ACK

Blauvelt Family Genealogy: a comprehensive compilation of the descendants of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) (1620-1687) Who Came to America in 1638
compiled by Louis L. Blauvelt (during a period of thirty years from 1926 to 1956)
929.2 BLA

Genealogy of the Hill, Dean, Pinckney, Austin, Barker, Anderson, Rhoades and Finch Families
by Franklin Couch
929.2 COU

The Demarest Family: David Demarest of the French Patent on the Hackensack and his Descendants compiled by Mary A. Demarest, William H.S. Demarest
929.2 DEM

The Demarest Family: a Record of the desMarets family in France, the Holy Land in the Crusades, again in France, Holland, the Palatinate (Germany), again in Holland, and the migration to America, 1663 – And of the descendants of David desMarets and Marie Sohier, found today in all States of the Union and almost all of the Provinces of Canada, also in many foreign countries, spelling the name variously: De Mara, DeMaray, Demoray, Demeray, De Mary, Demaree, Demeree, Dimorier, Demarest, Demerest, Demorest
2 volumes, plus a supplement
929.2 DEM

DeNoyelles: Birth of An American Family
by Daniel DeNoyelles
929.2 DEN

The DePew Family
929.2 DEP

Babcock-Lexow Genealogy
by William and Katharine B. Fulmor
929.2 FUL

A Hallock Genealogy: An attempt to tabulate and set in order the numerous descendants of Peter Hallock who landed at Southhold, Long Island, N.Y., about the year 1640, and settled at Aquebogue, near Mattituck
929.2 HAL

Selected Notes Relating to the Babcock Family of Rockland County
by William G. Klein
929.2 KLE

The David Mann Family, ca. 1700-1960
also includes
Johan Hendrick Gesner Family, 1681-1911
John Ellingwood Mar/Marr Family, 1834-1973
Uriah Perry Family, 1723-1991
Jacob Rose Family, 1740-1977
Joseph Thorpe Stansbury Family, 1815-1973
929.2 MAN

The Blauvelt Family Genealogy: Revised Edition
Revised and updated by Dorothy A. Moos
2 volumes
929.2 MOO

Pye Genealogy and Diary of David Pye
compiled by Walter Leonard Pye with additions by George Henry Budke
929.2 PYE

Homes of Our Ancestors
by Winston C. Perry Jr. and Emily A. Perry
929.2 PER

Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley
compiled under the editorial supervision of Cuyler Reynolds / 3 volumes
929.1 REY

Serven Family in America
compiled by A.R. Serven
929.2 SER

Families of the Ramapos: Becraft, Call, Charleston, Hogencamp, Pitt, Starr, and related families
929.292 SME

Oral Histories

The Nyack Library has many oral history transcripts and some audio tapes as well. We are currently in the process of transferring our tapes to CD and digital audio files. To see a list of our oral histories, click here.

Histories of Rockland County

Cole, David. History of Rockland County, New York: with biographical sketches of its prominent men (1884)
974.728 COL
-At same call # is the Index to personal names in History of Rockland County, New York, edited by David Cole, published in 1884
The baptisms from the Reformed Church in Tappan are listed here.

Green, Frank Bertangue. The History of Rockland County (1886)
974.728 GRE

Tompkins, Arthur. Historical Record of Rockland County (1902)
974.728 TOM
This is a good source for locating the war service of Rockland County residents in the Revolutionary War and American Civil War.

Budke, George. Historical Miscellanies. 2 volumes (1923)
974.728 BUD
Index in back of book

Electronic Databases

Ancestry Library Edition (in-library use only)

Heritage Quest (remote access available via the Online Databases link on the library homepage)

Web Sites

Genealogical Society of Rockland County
Especially helpful is their web page on Genealogical Resources in Rockland County